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  • March 4, 2018: The CTDT Terminal Server research environment has been updated to version 2. All new research requests will be put into the new system.
  • June, 2016: R in the research environment will be updated to 3.3.0
  • November 24th, 2015: A user agreement for the Clinical Trial Data Transparency System is now active. Existing users will be asked to review and accept on their next login to the portal (this website), before proceeding with other actions in the portal. New users to the system will be asked to agree before their account is fully activated

    Welcome to the Clinical Trial Data Transparency Portal

  • To use this website you will need a SAS Secure Access Management account.

  • The Research Environment is available from this website. You will need a SAS Secure Access Management account and you will need to register a secure access token.

  • Trouble with your user account? Use SAS Secure Access Management (Forgot username or password links), and/or contact a representative as described in an e-mail you will have received.

  • The CTDT Portal is primarily used for imports and exports to the research environment .

  • Sponsor administrators also use this website for reporting.

  • User guide and helpful videos are located here.

    NOTE: If you are accessing the CTDT Portal from the web bookmarks section of the Juniper portal, some links on this page will not function. Those links are given here for reference, to copy/paste in another browser tab, and use outside the Juniper portal:
  • (trouble with your account)
  • (SAS support)
  • (this site, available outside of Juniper)