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Welcome to the Clinical Trial Data Transparency Portal

  • To use this website you will need a SAS Profile account.

  • Trouble with your user account? Use SAS Profile (Forgot username or password links), and/or contact a representative as described in an e-mail you will have received.

  • The CTDT Portal is primarily used by researchers for imports and to get approved exports that were requested via the CTDT File Manager in the research environment.

  • Sponsor administrators use this website for uploading studies, approving or denying export requests, and reporting.

  • User guide and helpful videos are located here.

    NOTE: If you are accessing the CTDT Portal from the web bookmarks section of the Juniper portal, some links on this page will not function. Those links are given here for reference, to copy/paste in another browser tab, and use outside the Juniper portal:
  • (trouble with your account)
  • (SAS support)
  • (this site, available outside of Juniper)